Children's March NYC

  • Cadman Plaza Cadman Plaza Brooklyn, NY, 11201 United States

Let’s give those who can’t vote yet a voice, and a chance to feel empowered! This is a march for independent thought. This march is a space for kids to talk about issues in their own terms - and to teach them that they can have an influence on their future. We're hoping to create a space for this community to celebrate inclusivity - of people, ideas...everything. Join us as we celebrate our children's vision of the future and encourage independent thought for our youth!

We're working to create a repository of resources for talking with our children - of all ages - in a way that gets them to ask questions - questions that go beyond what they're hearing in the news, in their school yards, and at their kitchen tables. We are working with educators and other professionals from a variety of backgrounds and interests to support this endeavor. Stay tuned for more - and please let us know if you've come across articles, curriculum suggestions, or anything that has resonated with you.

We're planning to hear from some inspired kids and teens and sing along with several entertainers at the rally. If you’d like to help out in any way, let us know.