Protest Trump NYC: Rise up with Bread Workers!

  • Trump Tower 725 5th Avenue New York, NY United States

Faced with a direct attack from Trump’s anti-immigrant Department of Homeland Security, Tom Cat workers decided not to back down. The workers who bake New York City’s bread have risen to the challenge of Trump’s anti-immigrant vision of the United States; our community stands in complete solidarity with them. Their story continues to inspire people across the country.

On Sunday, Tom Cat workers courageously decided to take the fight directly to Trump. Workers have asked the community to rise up with them. It is a fight for their jobs, for their families, and for all immigrant communities imperiled by the racist policies of President Trump.

Tom Cat workers are putting out a call to each and every ally opposed to racist scapegoating in Donald Trump’s America. Meet us at Trump Tower this Saturday, April 8th 1-3PM.