March with a Purpose for Ramarley Graham

  • Bryant Park Bryant Park New York, NY

More than five years ago, the NYPD murdered Ramarley Graham, a Black unarmed teenager, and brutalized his family in their own home. NYPD officers later reported- in continuing their criminalization of communities of color through broken windows policing- that they had initially trailed Ramarley for "walking with a purpose." 

Instead of firing Richard Haste, the officer who shot and killed Ramarley inside the family’s home and in front of his 6-year-old brother & grandmother, Mayor de Blasio allowed him to resign. It is another slap in the face to Ramarley's family. Ramarley Graham's family deserves for the remaining officers charged in his killing – Sergeant Scott Morris & Officer John McLoughlin-- to be fired.

On Tuesday, April 4th, Jews for Racial & Economic Justice will stand with Ramarley's family, other families of those killed by the police, the Justice Committee and Black Lives Matter-NY to commemorate the death of Martin Luther King Jr. by demanding that the Mayor and the NYPD commissioner fire all of the officers involved in Ramarley's killing. 

We will gather in Bryant Park at 6:00pm for a vigil, after which we will walk with a purpose by marching for Ramarley and for Black lives.

Learn more about Ramarley Graham's story and his family's pursuit of justice: