Rally and March: Stop The Raids @ New York City Hall

  • New York City Hall New York City Hall New York, NY

Join family members and grassroots community groups as we rally and march against NYPD and federal "gang" raids that are devasting communities of color across the city. 

Under the banner of fighting "gangs", local and federal law enforcement agencies are conducting militarized raids and takedowns that lead to the over-prosecutions of young people from poor neighborhoods of color – especially in public housing. More than 1,000 people were arrested in over 40 such takedowns last year alone. Most never see trial because they're pressured to take plea deals and are vilified through the media before they've even seen a judge. 

We rally on the 1 year anniversary of the massive NYPD and federal takedown, which include the Department of Homeland Security, centered in the Eastchester Gardens Houses in the Bronx, the largest "gang" takedown in NYC history, resulting in 120 indictments. Young men and families from the #Bronx120 have spoken out but have been punished with solitary confinement and other forms of retaliation. 

We rally to defend families from across the city who've not only had to deal with pre-dawn military-style raids but also RICO and conspiracy charges and even efforts to displace them from their housing. It is by no coincidence that areas targeted for gentrification have also been targeted by raids. 

Authorities believe that by simply stamping young some residents as "gang bangers", that no one will advocate for them or help their families. Some young people have been swept up in indictments in large part due to the loose gang criteria, designed by police, that imply whomever associated with alleged "gang members" or wears certain colors are involved in a complex criminal syndicate. Police and prosecutors are also using their social media to build cases. This is a recipe for wrongful convictions and follows in the footsteps of the era of mass incarceration and fearmongering politics of the 'Super-predator' days.

There are solutions to community violence that work to help people and that don't rely on raids and incarceration. We can build communities instead of targeting them with raids and collective punishment.

#StopTheRaids and end the abuse of RICO/conspiracy laws. 

Initial endorsing groups (list in formation): 

Coalition to End Broken Windows
Why Accountability
Copwatch Patrol Unit
Universal Zulu Nation
Campaign for Community Control Over The Police
El Grito de Sunset Park
ANSWER Coalition NYC
Harlem FLO
Mi Casa No Es Tu Casa