Rally: Show Up for Trans Lives

  • Washington Square Park Washington Square Park New York, NY

In February the Trump administration rescinded Obama-era guidance that protected transgender students in federally funded public schools. Not only is this a matter of safety but, it is an act to further push transgender people out of public spaces. Although the state of New York does prohibit discrimination for transgender and gender non-conforming students in education, the state as well as the country has a long way to go into fully accepting the trans community.

It is more than deciding who can use what bathroom. It is a matter of safety, and visibility making it a civil rights issue. Join us April 26th 5-7pm as we rally in solidarity for and with our trans friends, family, and fellow citizens that deserve equal treatment. This is an opportunity to learn more about how we can fight for trans people across the country while also highlighting awesome support systems. Let’s show the country and the trans community that their voices matter and that they deserve equal rights. 

Facts provided by Anti Violence Project and GLAAD:

Transgender people were 7x more likely to experience physical violence when interacting with police compared to cis gender survivors or victims

A majority of hate violence homicides were trans women in 2013

Transgender people experience unemployment at 3x the rate of the general population, with rates for people of color up to 4x the national unemployment rate

29% of transgender people live in poverty, compared to 14% of the general population

30% of transgender people report being homeless at some point in their lives, with 12% saying it was within the past 12 months.

-SUPPORT FOR THE TRANS COMMUNITY: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/health/health-topics/transgender-support.ppage

- ARTICLE ON TRUMP'S HOSTILITY TOWARD THE TRANS COMMUNITY:http://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/2/23/14706498/trump-lgbtq-transgender-guidance-bathrooms

- NATIONAL CENTER FOR TRANSGENDER EQUALITY DONATION PAGE:https://salsa4.salsalabs.com/o/51171/p/salsa/donation/common/public/?donate_page_KEY=8966