The War on Syria | Where Are Your Tax Dollars Going?

  • Justice Center en El Barrio 1637 Park Ave New York, NY

On April 7, Trump ordered missile strikes on Syria, escalating a war that has been going on for more than six years. While claiming to be fighting extremely reactionary forces like ISIS and Al-Qaeda, the U.S. leaders bombed the main force fighting the reactionaries—the Syrian army. Trump pretended to be motivated by the suffering of Syrian civilians, but every day the U.S. is bombing civilians in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, killing hundreds in the past month alone. Where is this latest U.S. intervention leading? What are the dangers it poses for U.S.-Russia relations? How can we build the movement against war and oppression?

Where are your tax dollars going?

Trump's appointees are vowing to destroy the very agencies they were assigned to oversee. Housing, environmental protection and other social programs are on the chopping block. In the words of Steve Bannon, the cuts represent "the deconstruction of the administrative state." Meanwhile, Trump has pledged to spend $5 billion of our taxpayer dollars on ICE and the border wall and to increase the military budget by an additional $54 billion. Participate in a discussion of how we can resist these cuts and fight back!