Solidarity Rally Against Deportation

  • Foley Square 111 Worth Street New York, NY, 10013 United States

New York City families deserve dignity and respect. The President’s recent actions on immigration are tearing our communities apart. Each day, dozens of New Yorkers facing deportation must check-in with ICE Officers at 26 Federal Plaza. When they enter the building, they don’t know if they will be able to see their families again. Now more than ever it is important to show solidarity in the face of policies that threaten our communities.

Join us for a Jericho Walk to stand with individuals and families facing deportation. This interfaith act of solidarity will bring together advocates and supporters to show immigrants that they are not alone. 

At 9am, we will assemble for a press conference. At 10am, we will begin the Jericho Walk, circling the building in silence and thoughtful prayer.

Though we walk in silence, our actions speak to the injustices that our communities face.

We call today for a system that:
* puts an end to the detentions and deportations that shatter immigrant lives and families
* protects the rights of all workers, immigrant and non-immigrant alike
* enshrines our shared values of justice, compassion, kindness and generosity
* gives immigrant communities the Right to Remain with their families, with their communities, in their schools, and in their places of worship

Detention Watch Network
Immigrant Defense Project
The New York Immigration Coalition