No Ban Human Banner Action 3/17 كون جزء من هذا الحدث التاريخي يوم الجمعة

  • Pavilion at Nelson A. Rockefeller Park Nelson A. Rockefeller Park New York, NY


Muslim Ban 2.0 is just as discriminatory as the first Muslim Ban. NYC, we want to invite you to take part in a creative action where we will form a human banner that reads #NOBAN at the Pavilion at Nelson A. Rockefeller Park.

**You MUST sign up here to confirm your participation:

This human banner will go down in history as another powerful and important action where New Yorkers stood up to send a strong message that we are against any and every version of a Muslim Ban, and immigrants and refugees are welcome here!

The updated ban goes in to effect on 3/16/2017.

We stand in solidarity with our Yemeni, Irani, Somali, Sudani, Libyan, Syrian sisters and brothers and their impacted families here and abroad. 

Don't forget, we need an accurate headcount to pull this off, so please fill out this googleform: More details and instructions to follow. 

See you on FRIDAY at 5PM!

Meeting Location: The Pavilion at Nelson A. Rockefeller Park
Nearby transportation:
1-2-3: Chambers St.
A-C: Chambers St.
4-5-6: Brooklyn Bridge City Hall
كون جزء من هذا الحدث التاريخي يوم الجمعة القادمة الساعة الخامسة عصرا، هذه ليست مسيرة او وقفة بل سيكون علم او رمز انساني ضد قرار ترمب بحظر المسلمين #MuslimBan
نحن ندعوكم لتكونوا معنا في حديقة باتري امام تمثال الحرية لتقولوا #NoBan
سنقف جميعا مع اليمنين والايرانيين والسودانيين والليبيين والسوريين و الصوماليين اخوة وأخوات جميعنا وقفة واحدة.