Make New York a TRUE Sanctuary - Rally for Immigrant Rights and Against the Ban 2.0

  • Washington Square Park Washington Square Park New York, NY

Despite the sound bytes from some in our city, we know that New York is NO sanctuary - not while those seeking entry are held at JFK and LGA, not while residents are criminalized for jumping turnstiles, not when our undocumented brothers and sisters live in fear. As people of faith we are filling in the gaps by committing to creating sanctuary spaces ourselves - but we need your help to make the whole city a true sanctuary. 

Join us to speak out against the first day of the ban 2.0 and against the continued injustice of broken windows policing, and then march for immigrants, refugees, and all those targeted under the new administration to show that we will hold our city accountable. We will march down 6th Ave to 201 Varick, the ICE holding center in NYC where people are kept before being sent to UNSPEEDY trials. Join us to put faith into action!

Cosponsored by key signatories of the Faith over Fear platform. This event is part of the Faith over Fear week of action. 

For media inquiries contact Analisa Freitas.