Lunch At Cuomo's- Rally for Reproductive Rights

  • 633 3rd Ave 633 3rd Ave New York, NY

This will occurr every Wednesday until RHA is voted on in the NY Senate. The time for action is now. Trump and his allies in Washington have made it clear: they want to eliminate every woman's right to a legal and safe abortion. We need New York State to act immediately by passing the Reproductive Health Act ("RHA"). The RHA will codify Roe v. Wade and strengthen our outdated law on abortion. Governor Cuomo needs to step up and demonstrate progressive leadership by making passage of the RHA a priority this legislative session.

That is why the Women's Health And Reproductive Rights (WHARR) committee from #GetOrganizedBK is declaring it's first public WHARRior action with its weekly Wednesday Lunch at Andrew Cuomo's, beginning March 8th at the Governor's New York City offices. We will be there to rally for passage of the RHA now, and to inform the citizens of New York about the woeful inadequacies of the state's abortion law in its current form.

Please let us know if you are fired up and ready to join us!