Interfaith Solidarity Vigil in Response to Swastika Vandalism

  • Fourth Universalist Society in the City of New York 160 Central Park West New York, NY, 10023 United States

Join us for an interfaith solidarity event with the Fourth Universalist Society in the City of New York in response to the recent hate crime committed against our congregation. On the night of February 27th, two swastikas and the phrase “race office” were carved into the front doors of the church (“race office” is a reference to Nazi offices that worked to enforce racial purity). We will gather to rededicate our building in love and hope and publicly stand together against hate, racism and violence. All are welcome!

Who: The Fourth Universalist community joins with our neighbors, community members, interfaith allies and public officials to reject bigotry and racism. Speakers will include:

• Rev. Schuyler Vogel, Senior Minister, Fourth Universalist Society in the City of New York
• Bill Moyers, Journalist and Former White House Press Secretary
• Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President
• Helen Rosenthal, New York City Council, District 6
• Rabbi Marc Margolius, Rabbi, West End Synagogue
• Rev. Dr. Galen Guengerich, Senior Minister, All Souls Unitarian Church
• Onleilove Alston, Executive Director, Faith in New York
• Jonathan Soto, Senior Community Liaison, Office of the Mayor

Why: Fourth Universalist Society was targeted for its commitment to social activism and religious diversity. The congregation recently declared itself a sanctuary to shelter undocumented immigrants and has been a long supporter of progressive causes including Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ issues, climate justice and violence against women. In addition, the congregation is non-creedal, and welcomes people of many faith backgrounds as members and includes a sizable Jewish population.

The vandalism against the Fourth Universalist Society is no doubt linked to the disturbing rise in hate crimes seen across our country. Within New York City alone, anti-Semitic crimes have rose 94% this year. This trend is deeply troubling and must not be allowed to continue unopposed. It is important for people of conscience and integrity to gather publicly and unequivocally stand on the side of love against hateful acts.

When: Friday, March 10, 5:30-6:30 p.m.

Where: 160 Central Park West, New York, NY 10023, front steps of the Fourth Universalist Society in the City of New York, at the corner of 76th Street and Central Park West on Manhattan’s Upper West Side

For more information, contact:
Rev. Schuyler Vogel, Senior Minister
Fourth Universalist Society in the City of New York
414.238.4728 (cell),