Which side are you on, Tony Avella?

  • 3850 Bell Blvd, Suite C 3850 Bell Blvd Bayside, NY

New York State Senator Tony Avella (11th district, Queens) is a member of the rogue breakaway group known as the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC). Join Rise & Resist as we push Senator Avella to act like a real Democrat instead of a Democrat in name only, so New York State can have a Democratic MAJORITY again!

Elected to the Senate in 2010, Avella joined the IDC in 2014. He is chair of the Children and Families committee and the vice-chair of the Environmental Conservation committee - although he co-sponsored the recent bill that killed the 5-cent bag tax. He gets paid extra $$ for being in the IDC.

Join us as we show up at Avella's Bayside office to ask him, “Which side are you, Tony Avella?"