Resist Trump Tuesdays: Disney Leave Trump's Council!

  • Bryant Park 6th Avenue and 42nd New York, NY

From Snow White to Star Wars, Disney has told generations of children and families that love always triumphs over evil. That's why we find it so strange that Disney's CEO Bob Iger decided to join Trump's Economic Advisory Council. 

Trump's Economic Advisory Council will help shape economic policy to fulfill Trump's goals, and even help implement them. That means Disney CEO Bob Iger is promising to play a hand in "building The Wall and making Mexico pay for it," and pushing forward Trump's plans to make life harder for immigrants, refugees, and anyone who isn't a millionaire. 

We're not feeling the love tonight, Disney. We're meeting at Bryant Park and marching up to Disney owned businesses to tell them to leave the Council. 

We think there's no better day than Valentine's Day to ask Disney to be a hero, stand on the side of love and support refugees, immigrants, and working people by stepping down from Trump's Economic Advisory Council. Uber did it, Disney can too. 

Meet us at the 6th Avenue and 42nd Street side of park at 6pm, and bring all Disney related signs and slogans (and costumes) to let Disney know love is an open door.

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