Rally: Lgbtq+ Make Out At Trump Tower

  • Trump Tower 725 5th Avenue New York, NY, 10022

In light of the new administration and it's recent actions, we as members of this community must stay vigilant. I've created this group to invite all members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies to make out in front of Trump Towers in NYC. It is meant to be an intersectional celebration and amplification of marginalized voices. Official date pending. Let's show this hate monger a little bit of love and peacefully protest his divisive decisions. (Make out partner not required, and all allies welcome!)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This protest is peaceful and law-abiding. We do not condone any forms of road disruption, violence, hate-speech, or public sexual misconduct of any kind. Any people committing these acts are NOT affiliated with this protest and should be politely asked to leave.