One Love Rally - NoBanNoWall

  • One Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza 878 2nd Avenue New York, NY, 10017

Hello Resistance Family!

We are holding this One Love Rally to protest President Trump's racist and exclusionary executive orders. We are making our voices heard and showing the current administration that these policies are unjust, immoral, and un-American. We are dedicated to helping the immigrant/refugee community and would love your support and solidarity! 

On Saturday, February 11th at 3 PM, please join us in sharing your immigration stories and standing in solidarity with all our brothers and sisters. We are holding this peaceful, non-violent rally at One Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza in NYC.

The intention of this event is to create space for our community to voice our beautiful stories and testimonies. We will have speakers from the various immigrant communities and would love to hear from you too. If you are interested in speaking, please contact one of our organizers. Please bring your signs, friends, family, and solidarity; everyone is welcome! This is NOT a march, but rather a demonstration to speak up against the executive orders that have been recently signed. This event is peaceful and inclusive and will not tolerate any violence or hate speech.

As we all know, it is Immigration that Makes America Great. The current administration is out to vilify those who seek to come to this country to make a better life and we won't stand for it. We stand with our undocumented brothers and sisters. We stand with our refugee brothers and sisters. We stand with our immigrant brothers and sisters. 


*This facebook page will be continually updated as more information comes in. Please check back regularly :)

*** This rally is being done in solidarity with our sister rally in San Francisco, which is taking place on February 4. Let's make our voices heard!