Protest: Which side are you on, Jesse Hamilton?

  • 1669 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn 1669 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11225 United States

Wonder why New York State isn’t standing up to Trump like California? 

Because our New York State Senate is a WRECK! Get this: Did you know despite the New York State Senate having a Democratic MAJORITY, it doesn't vote that way, thanks to the eight men and women of the rogue breakaway group known as the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC)? 

Join Rise & Resist as we push our New York State Senators who are members of the IDC to act like real Democrats instead of Democrats in name only, so New York State can have a Democratic MAJORITY again!

Care about Gerrymandering? Voter Suppression? Single Payer? Rent Control? Women's Reproductive rights? LGBT+ rights? These all happen at the STATE LEVEL. Which is why, with the oncoming Trumpocolypse, it is vital we get the majority back in the New York State Senate IMMEDIATELY. The left has ignored State level races for 30 years, focusing only on the Presidency and US Congress, which has allowed the Republicans to take control of most of the country's state legislatures, which has given them the power to gerrymander districts and disenfranchise voters. Time to put the kibosh on that. WE ARE WOKE!

IDC founder Jeff Klein and his minions like to say they group is for "getting things done" -- but all they're doing is blocking genuine progressive action in Albany for their own selfish power play.

Jesse Hamilton represents the 20th district, a weirdly gerrymandered district that includes Crown Heights but also wraps around the north and west of Prospect Park. Elected to the Senate in 2014, he joined the IDC in 2016. He is the chair of the banks committee. He gets paid extra $$ for being in the IDC.

Join us as we show up at Hamilton's Brooklyn office to ask him, “Which side are you, Jesse Hamilton?"

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