What the f*ck, Chuck?!

  • Grand Army Plaza Grand Army Plaza Brooklyn, NY United States

Why does Schumer keep voting "yes" on Trump's cabinet nominees? Mattis, Kelly, and Pompeo. WTF?!

We, a group of activists and concerned citizens, will be coming together for another rally at Schumer's home to demand that Schumer stand firm on the remaining nominees and to rally the Democrats to stand firm. 

We need them to stand strong for all the battles coming down the pike: healthcare, immigrant rights, reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, environmental rights, supreme court, workers' rights, etc. 

We will march to Schumer's home on 9 Prospect Park West and we will deliver protein bars and weights to Schumer, so he can regain his strength.

Families welcome! (We'll keep the chants family friendly, despite the name of this rally)